Priority #1: Protecting Your Cargo

December 13, 2021

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Across STG Logistics, whether in our CFS, CLS, or CTS operations, we handle tens of millions of dollars of our customers' cargo every month. Understanding the roles we play as transload vendor, warehouse operator, and final mile provider reinforces our role and goal to keep cargo in our care secure. This is especially important in the midst of an overheated supply chain where more cargo is moving than ever.


Supporting our investment in people and technology, we look to strategic external partnerships that bolster and add layers of protection, both inside our facilities and out. In addition to our training and education, membership in CargoNet is important to our clients and us.


CargoNet is a nationwide network of law enforcement, cargo owners, transportation providers, and others providing a unique layered approach to cargo security with proactive deterrence and prevention methods, extensive recovery assistance, coordinated theft communications, combined with education, awareness, and cargo theft trend analytics.


As members, we have access to collateral that we can use and post in our facilities as the first line of deterrent from a crime of opportunism. Escalating from there, STG has access to intelligence, alerts, and information sharing that can make cargo in our care a more difficult target. If an incident occurs, work with local, state, and federal law enforcement to increase the chances of recovery. 


Salvatore DiDonato, our CIO, leads the CargoNet initiative internally.


"The two key parts of CargoNet that are most attractive to STG are intelligence and reporting. First, increased activity in a particular location or commodity will be available to us to proactively warn relevant managers and staff to have increased awareness and vigilance. Second, in the event of a theft, we can report that theft to a centralized database, and if the cargo is recovered or appears in commerce, we are alerted and can notify the cargo owner."


DiDonato shared that the membership has paid dividends with quantifiable results.


CargoNet draws member companies from transportation, law enforcement, insurance, and retail. STG counts a number of our customers as members of CargoNet as well. Combined with our other layers of theft deterrent and theft prevention both in our facilities and in transit, STG and our customers have benefited from this ongoing investment in security.

To learn more about the benefits of CargoNet membership for your company, visit their website.
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