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Protect yourself & your cargo with STG Shield

By STG Logistics

August 16, 2021

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Cargo Insurance is a must.

There is more cargo in the supply chain than ever. From the largest crate to the most petite e-Commerce pouch, cargo moves by container, airplane, train, truck, and through countless warehouses between origin and destination. Cargo insurance is of paramount importance to cargo owners. STG’s revolutionary new STG Shield provides an easy and cost-effective solution offering warehouse to warehouse coverage between STG and the final destination of the delivering carrier.

While no shipper wants their cargo damaged, the honest truth is that things happen in transit. Whether a poor internal packing job by a shipper which could lead to concealed damage or severe storms on the ocean that subject a container and cargo to strong forces on all three axes, damage can sometimes occur.

Different modes of transport attach various limitations of liability and conditions on what the underlying carrier will pay. These limitations can leave a cargo owner with a loss for something entirely outside their ability to control.

Affordable Coverage

For little cost, STG Shield is quickly and easily attached to a shipment when the final arrangements are made online to pay for warehouse CFS charges or when making arrangements for pickup or delivery by STG’s CTS division.

It’s as simple as clicking a box, and it is added to the final cost.

Peace of Mind

STG Shield’s coverage is immediately applied - no need to fill out insurance certificates or notify an underwriter. STG takes care of that for you. 

Coverage is automatic up to $10,000 with zero deductible, and additional coverage can be added during the payment process.


Hassle-Free Claims Processing

If a claim needs processing, it’s as quick and automatic to notify our insurance carrier, who will immediately begin the process. Documents and images can be easily uploaded, and after review, the claim is paid expeditiously.


Don’t Go it Alone, Take Our Shield.

STG Shield is one of several innovative products that we are pleased to bring to our customers that adds both value and protection to their overall supply chains. More information, including how to attach coverage, can be found here: STG Shield

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