STG Logistics Rebrands, Organizes Service Offerings for Extended Outsource Clients

July 30, 2020

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Container Freight Services (CFS), Contract Logistics Services (CLS) and Customized Transportation Services (CTS) come together to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions for logistics providers and cargo owning clients in the United States.

"While our company has been a staple in the CFS industry since 1985, we have greatly expanded our services offerings throughout the supply chain over the past 35 years," explains Dave Sosnowski, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

"STG Logistics is today focused on becoming the leading supplier of extended services and managed outsourcing using our nationwide network of facilities located near key air, sea and intermodal gateways."

To accomplish this goal and to better highlight its distinct service offerings, STG Logistics has announced that the company will rebrand its portfolio of services into three divisions.

Container Freight Services (CFS) will be the company's international-focused offering providing import and export services to logistics providers. CFS consists primarily of import container deconsolidation and export consolidation with both IPI and RIPI on-forwarding, air cargo buildup and breakdown including Certified Cargo Screening Facilities in select locations, charter handling and transloading.

Contract Logistics Services (CLS) encompasses the company's services to cargo owners. Operating in Southern California, throughout the East Coast, and certain inland US markets, CLS focuses on retail and consumer order fulfillment services such as pick-and-pack, kitting, e-Commerce, reverse logistics and inventory replenishment.

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