Take the (STG) Express to Sin City

November 8, 2021

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Jennie Penczek, like many of her colleagues, has ensured that STG Express delivers for our customers in the Las Vegas market. With twenty-one years of experience across three brands, Jennie leads a long-tenured team of veterans in a market unlike any other we operate. That uniqueness has proven a recipe for success - and one that has led to consistent, steady growth. 

STG Express Las Vegas opened in 1999 as Action Messenger Service until transitioning to Extra Express in 2014 and ultimately STG Express in 2016. Today, STG Express operates from a 20,000 square foot building with six office staff focused on customer service and forty independent contractor partners or vendors  

Operating a mix of traditional trucking services and small package and courier routes, STG Express Las Vegas has cultivated a reputation among companies moving real estate documents and health care facilities needing either exclusive-use vehicles or who take advantage of our established route network that conducts three daily sort and delivery operations.


The sort and deliver courier routes are serviced by contractor vehicles and traditional trucking operations are supported by a fleet of eight trucks - four 16' box trucks and another four 24' straight trucks. 

"Combined, our trucks deliver between 25 and 50 shipments a day for sporting events, conventions and political events that are happening in the city at any given time," Penczek shares. "Add in small package, document and parcel and that figure jumps to a nearly combined 1,000 - 1,500 shipments per day."

For STG Express in Las Vegas, the focus is on customer service. Yes, STG's robust technology provides scanning and real-time location for those document pouches and parcels, but Jennie's team of six in the office provides high-touch customer service that augments, rather than replaces, technology. 

Las Vegas is also home to some of our senior STG people. Until the past year when one employee sadly passed away and a second was unable to return from a medical leave, the team has been mainly intact. "Promoting from within is huge for us, and we've not needed to look to the open market to fill positions for probably six years," she shares. 

Barry, our Warehouse Supervisor, is a seventeen-year employee. Manny, our Operations Lead, came into the office after fourteen years behind the wheel.

"We can do anything," she affirms. "From trucking freight brought in by linehaul or air cargo to our regularly scheduled and recognized fleet of small package and parcel drivers, STG Express is a steady presence supporting Las Vegas businesses in the face of the transient population that comes and goes for vacations and trade shows."

To learn more about STG Express and how our people make the difference in Las Vegas (and around the country), contact us today.

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