TPM is right around the corner - and so is STG!

February 14, 2022

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The annual Transpacific Maritime Conference, or TPM, is a major gathering of the ocean freight community held in Long Beach, California. IHS Markit, owners of the Journal of Commerce who put on the conference, are looking forward to being back in person for the first time since 2020. TPM 2020 was called off as attendees were traveling to Long Beach in the earliest days of COVID and last year, the event was held virtually and included a session with STG's COO, Todd Larson.


The conference is the largest gathering of BCO's, steamship lines, NVO's and companies servicing the ocean freight industry in North America. In past years it has also served as a barometer and indicator of how the upcoming eastbound transpacific rate negotiation season would look. 


Attending TPM this year will be a number of STG's senior leadership team including Chief Executive Officer Paul Svindland, Chief Financial Officer Geoff Anderman, Chief Operating Officer Todd Larson, Chief Sales Officer Dave Sosnowski, Chief Information Officer Sal DiDonato, and Vice President, Enterprise Sales - Western Region Matt Hodson. 


We say it's right around the corner because STG's campus of buildings in nearby Carson, Compton, and Long Beach are all within a few miles of the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, site of the conference. If you're planning on coming to the event and would like to schedule a personal tour of any of our buildings, contact Patricia Uzes. (


TPM's agenda mirrors many of the issues that supply chains have lived with through 2021 and are trying to plan for in 2022. Congestion, delays, equipment, rates and labor are all forcing shippers and service providers to develop increasingly creative solutions. Many of those solutions involve technology and big data for visibility and forecasting, to mitigate uncertainty and shorten final mile delivery times.


We're excited to see many of our customers at TPM and have meaningful conversations about how the technology and solutions offered by STG's Contract Logistic Services and final mile Customized Transportation Services can deliver time and money-saving solutions as the preferred managed to outsource provider in the industry.


And when you get your welcome packet, don't miss our full-page ad in the February 28th conference edition of the JOC's print magazine.

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