Transloading Trifecta: Timing, Technique, & Talent

May 9, 2022

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When you’re dealing with ocean containers, they often require extra handling in a procedure called transloading. Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It’s a quick and efficient way to keep your cargo on the way to its destination. 


STG Logistics offers transloading services to not only help prepare the cargo for the ultimate recipient but provide an option to your distribution plan that cuts down on wasted time and money. With reduced handling and unloading times at the destination, cargo is available faster and with fewer delays. Transloading avoids the high costs of demurrage and detention on the equipment or trucks waiting to be unloaded at warehouses. STG Logistics can swiftly and accurately break down a container and transload the cargo to various destinations, bypassing delays and minimizing damage. 


Before transloading can happen, STG needs to know the following:

  • How will the cargo be segregated?
  • Will it be combined with cargo from other containers?
  • The type of delivery - Is this cargo going to:
    • The post office for final delivery? 
    • A final mile service provider? 
    • An interim warehouse distribution center before heading to a retailer?

When you have a shipment that benefits from cross-docking, transloading, or other container freight services, the next move should be through STG Logistics. We handle thousands of transloaded containers across the country every month at facilities that are close to the ocean ports and inland rail ramps. Our facilities are strategically positioned in key market locations that make it the preferred choice for companies in need of transloading, warehousing and distribution, or secure storage. If you have any questions regarding transloading and how it can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact STG Logistics to experience the STGDifference today!

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