Transloading's Key Role between Factory and Final Consignee

January 31, 2022

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Ocean containers are seldom packed ready to be delivered to their final US destination or customer and will require intervening handling. This is where STG Logistics' transloading service helps clients get their cargo prepared for the ultimate recipient. Whether palletized or floor-loaded, STG's experience handling thousands of containers monthly means we are the best and most natural choice for these imports.

For cargo owners, transloading provides many benefits. Two of those benefits accrue both time and money to the bottom line. First, the efficiency of transloading means much quicker unloading and reduced handling at the cargo's final destination. Secondly, it prevents the high costs of demurrage or detention for the equipment or truck waiting to be unloaded at a warehouse. STG Logistics' experience in transloading cargo means we can quickly and efficiently strip a container where shipper warehouses will struggle with the process.


Before the work begins, we should have instructions on hand from our customer detailing what must be done to the cargo inside. How are we to segregate the cargo? Is it to be combined with cargo from other containers? Will it be loaded into a rail intermodal container or an over-the-road truck? Is it being sent straight to the post office, a final mile service provider or an interim warehouse or distribution center before proceeding to a retailer? 


When the container doors swing open, our team is greeted by a wall of boxes. They then begin the work of unloading, segregating, labeling, shrink-wrapping and staging the cargo for the next move.


Across the country, STG Logistics handles a large number of transloaded containers daily. Our facilities are close to ocean ports and inland rail ramps, but perhaps none more uniquely so than our most recent acquisition, International Warehouse Services in Port Everglades, Florida. STG Logistics is now positioned to offer strategic advantages that make it the preferred choice for companies in need of transloading services in South Florida.


Separated literally by a fence from Port Everglades, we not only offer location supremacy, but the facility is a bonded CFS and a CBP Centralized Examination Site. Our proximity to the port means we can legally bring overweight containers off the pier and into our warehouse for devanning and segregation of palletized and non-palletized cargo. From Ft. Lauderdale, cargo is shipped throughout Florida and the southeastern United States.


CBP and Agriculture pay close attention to cargo arriving from certain markets for the risk hitchhiking pests pose to agriculture. Another strategic service is our ability to offer fumigation services to remediate those pests and avoid the costly expense and loss of cargo being destroyed or returned to origin.


With 200,000 combined square feet of space and 73 dock doors, we are eager to speak to companies needing transloads in the Fort Lauderdale area. For more information and a quote, contact our sales team at


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