With Asian imbalance, STG has room for your cargo!

April 25, 2022

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As cargo owners watch and wait anxiously for China's expanding COVID lockdowns to ease, factories to reopen, and the queues of ships at ports to be loaded and unloaded, the situation has created an opportunity for forwarders and cargo owners needing space or handling at several of STG's west coast locations.


STG is pleased to announce that we have space in our southern California facilities in Long Beach and Compton and in Seattle, Washington. Just a few short miles from the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, our Compton facility boasts 419,000 square feet of space with 116 doors and is a bonded CFS that can handle ocean container devanning and transloads within the Southern California market or to any of our inland IPI points throughout the United States.


In Compton, we also handle air cargo charters arriving and departing LAX, including our ability to utilize canines to screen and build outbound air cargo.


Looking to the Pacific Northwest, STG Logistics' Seattle operation has 102,000 square feet of warehouse space and is a Customs bonded CFS and has 32 dock doors and is CTPAT compliant. 


We are looking specifically for opportunities with cargo coming in and going out. We are not seeking short or medium-term warehouse business at this time.


If your company is seeking help with charter handling or transloading and final mile services, contact Matt Hodson for more information and a quote.

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