BNSF implements new restrictions to units destined to Los Angeles

December 1, 2021

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BNSF has announced that due to deteriorating conditions in Los Angeles, they are implementing the following restrictions to all units originating at a BNSF ramp and destined to Los Angeles.
  •  BNSF has reduced the ingate allocation remaining at LPC to just 10 units for today 11/30 and units must ingate before midnight tonight. After midnight, customers will no longer be able to ingate at LPC to Los Angeles until further notice. (BNSF has provided no estimate when the gate at LPC will reopen, pending improvements to operating conditions in Los Angeles).
  •  Effective at 13:00 all other BNSF origin locations will close their ingate for the destination of Los Angeles and drivers will be turned away at 13:00 CST.

Our facilities in Elk Grove Village and Bensenville are already operating at capacity levels. We would ask that all consolidators look at alternative routing options. If cargo does not continue to move, we will need to look at options, including not receiving cargo, to keep our facilities operating. Interline traffic originating on the NS is not effected at this time.