CSX Intermodal Derailment Near Auburn, IN

July 22, 2021

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CSX reported a mainline intermodal train derailment yesterday afternoon near Auburn, IN, approximately 80 miles west of the Northwest Ohio. One mainline was returned to service this morning and trains are beginning to move through the site, although at reduced speeds. The expectation is the second mainline will reopen later on today.

This derailment will impact East coast to West coast loads that are to move past Chicago (Like NJ to LA) and for shipments West coast to East coast.

This service interruption is also impacting traffic moving in the following BNSF lanes:

  • Northwest Ohio to/from Los Angeles
  • Northwest Ohio to/from South Seattle

Delays of 24 hours should continue to be expected and customers could experience leave behinds at some eastern terminals, due to shortages of inbound cars to reload with outbound traffic.

Please contact your STG Logistics representative with any questions.