STG North Bergen Saturdays Closure

October 28, 2021

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Due to lack of pick-ups being made on Saturdays in New Jersey, we will no longer be open on Saturdays effective 10/30.

The issues with shipments not being picked up off our dock in a timely manner continues to be a big problem that affects our ability to keep freight moving through our facility. We would like to highly encourage our customers to have shipments picked up on Fridays and Mondays. These are the days that we see the lightest traffic for pick-ups and would be the best time to get your drivers in and out of the facility at this time. 

Another option would be to consider using a carrier with an already established PRE-ROUTE PROGRAM at our facility.   Here is how this program works:

The carriers listed below all participate in a drop trailer daily at our NJ facility.   If you use one of these carriers, the freight will be tendered to them the same day and will not need to be coordinated for a pick up.   Using these carriers would keep the freight moving off the dock without the hassle of coordinating the pick-up.   The following carriers participate in this program:

·A Duie Pyle
·Air Ground
·Forward Air
·Freight Connections
·New Penn
·Old Dominion

If you would like to learn more about this Pre-Route Program and/or have any additional questions, please each out to your local STG Logistics account manager.