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Same Day Check-In and Availability for Import Air CFS

Customers pay a premium for air freight, so they expect the best and fastest service from their air CFS provider. STG ensures that level of expedited, secure air CFS service from the moment we pick up your cargo at the airport. Our highly experienced on-site team is backed up by advanced tracking technology so you know at all times where your cargo is in the import process.

Upon arrival, our experienced team works non-stop to efficiently move your goods from the airline to our warehouse and through the AMS customs clearance process for delivery on the same day.

STG import air CFS services include:

  • Daily pickup of cargo at major airports
  • Same day check-in, availability and delivery on our truck or yours
  • Air cargo deconsolidation and distribution door-to-door
  • US customs bonded facilities with AMS entry and release
  • Secure transportation and storage of high-value goods
  • Real-time visibility and tracking of your freight online
  • Roller bed and lowboy roller bed equipment

We take care of all the details so your imports arrive on time.

Same Day Check-In and Availability for Import Air CFS