Customer Cargo Claim Guide

As a valued customer, while we hope you never have an occasion to file a Cargo claim, but if the event does arise, here are some general guidelines:

  1. If you purchased Cargo Insurance through STG Shield, see
  2. Report any loss or damage immediately to STG Logistics:
    1. Provide to STG Logistics a written notification of an intent to claim together with location of cargo (if applicable), description of nature of loss/damage, weight of goods lost/damaged and estimate of value;
    2. If you have your own cargo insurance policy, we recommend reporting it to your insurers in accordance with those policy terms;
    3. Your insurer may appoint a surveyor to view and document your cargo.
    4. Please note that each mode of transport has a unique claim notification and filing rules and time limits. It is important to familiarize yourself with those requirements;
    5. Claims by the Customer and all other persons must be presented in writing to STG within a reasonable time, and in no event longer than 90 days after delivery of the goods or notification to the Customer that loss or damage to part of all of the goods has occurred, whichever is shorter;
    6. It is very important that the party receiving the cargo, reviews, counts and notates any irregularities on the delivery document, at time of receipt;
    7. If a theft or suspected theft has taken place, STG Logistics will immediately inform local police/law enforcement and obtain a crime reference number
  3. Following receipt of your written notification, STG Logistics will provide a written acknowledgement of your claim advice within 10 working days of receipt.
  4. At the time of initial advice, or within an agreed period, you will need to provide the following information/documentation:
    1. The commercial invoice for the total consignment
    2. the packing specification /packing list/manifest
    3. a fully quantified claim
    4. For damage, photographs and a technical evaluation of the product that outlines the type and extent of damage should be provided. Photographs should be of the outer packaging, inner packaging as well as the goods themselves
      1. Note – please hold the damaged product until STG Logistics indicates the goods can be moved or processed further
    5. All claims are subject to Proof of Value
    6. Bill of Lading (Front/Back)
    7. STG Logistics reserves the right to assign a surveyor at its discretion.
    8. STG Logistics reserves the right to collect salvage as appropriate.
    9. Any other relevant information in support your claim.
    10. Proof of payment of the claim to the final customer.
  5. STG Logistics will investigate the claim and keep you updated with any material developments as they occur.
  6. If your own insurers are dealing with the claim, STG Logistics will liaise with those insurers once STG Logistics receives a subrogated claim.
  7. Once the claim investigation has been concluded, STG Logistics will contact you and provide a formal response:
    1. if payment is in order, STG Logistics will provide and outline of the calculation and append a Settlement and Release Form for your signature
    2. upon receipt of the signed Settlement and Release Form, STG Logistics will arrange for settlement within 30 days
    3. If the claim is not accepted, an outline of that decision will be provided
  8. Please be aware that the basis of STG Logistics’s liability and the limitations of liability attaching are set forth in STG Logistics’s carriage documents, STG Logistics’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Trading and/or any compulsorily applicable legislation that may apply to a particular mode of transport (e.g. Montreal Convention 1999 for international airfreight, Hague-Visby Rules for international ocean freight, CMR for intra-European road freight). Further information can be obtained from STG Logistics should you be unclear as to what terms and conditions apply to a particular service offering
  9. For your further reference please refer to the attached STG Logistics cargo claim form. This form has a check list of items related to the filing of a cargo claim. The claim form must be presented within the time limits required.
  10. All claims submitted by email, should be sent to the Claims Group at:

All services are provided pursuant to STG Terms and Conditions which may be reviewed at:


FILING A CLAIM: Cargo Claim Form