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As containers arrive at the terminal and need to be shuttled to another terminal, STG Logistics is there to keep your freight moving. We meet your shipments at the cargo terminal, sort and load them on roller bed equipment, and make sure that freight is shuttled to the designated location.

When airlines need to move cargo from terminals to hubs and back, STG Logistics will build up containers and expedite transportation and delivery. We can save the airlines the costs associated with maintaining an on-ground distribution facility and personnel, while keeping airports and gateways running smoothly. Other advantages of using STG Logistics for your airport transport needs include:

  • Rapid transfer and connection services
  • Real-time status updates through our freight tracking system
  • Extensive fleet of 53' Roller bed Trailers
  • Low boy service for high pallets and 747 cargo
  • Knowledgeable airport transport service team

We’re fast and efficient when arranging the movement of cargo within airports.

You Can Get There from Here