NOTICE: New Jersey Import Hazardous Shipments NOTICE: New Jersey Import Hazardous Shipments

NOTICE: Chicago Rail Delays

October 12, 2020

Dear Business Partner,

Chicago area rail delays have persisted over the past week as an influx of containers have caused congestion along with a shortage of available chassis in the area. Nearly all area rails have been affected, causing long lines, both for entry and for crane operations lift, resulting in additional cases of split chassis and recovery delays for containers to the CFS. We will continue to monitor detention times closely and have been working with our drayage carriers to minimize the impact to our clients.

Various rail delays have held up containers in other ports that have now made their way into the Chicago area. While we understand the urgency of the cargo for availability to the consignee, the delays due to the volume at the rail yards may continue to cause delays of availability at the area CFS stations.

Please contact your STG customer service representative with any further questions.

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