The largest and most successful CFS operator in North America, period.


It all starts with boxes large and small, and nobody has been doing it longer and better during that time than STG Logistics. With twenty of our own bonded facilities at major ports of entry and an additional 63 partner facilities offering bonded warehouses for cargo pending customs clearance, nobody handles more CFS freight in the United States than us.

Serving beneficial cargo owners and freight forwarders alike, STG’s operations meet the safety, security and productivity demanded by shippers.

Starting with shipping notifications days before cargo arrives, STG starts planning cargo recovery as soon as it is available. Before arriving at our warehouse, we have already allocated labor, have a breakdown plan and during unloading populate our shipment with additional shipment details including pictures and condition reports.

After arrival, the cargo owner or freight forwarder directs the next step. Whether a straight transload or segregation and combination with cargo from another country or shipper, STG quickly prepares the cargo for transport to the next point.

For IPI in-bond cargo we load our STG Intermodal boxes for regularly scheduled shipment to the next point where it will be again segregated and made available for clearance and collection or delivery.
Throughout the journey, cargo moves through facilities which meet or exceed CTPAT standards and are visible to customers through one of our multiple online portals or the data is transferred to our client’s system for their internal use..

In select locations, we offer specialized handling and warehousing including cranes, high-capacity forklifts, Project and Out of Gauge, Foreign Trade Zones and General Order (GO) storage.

Whether import deconsolidation or export consolidation, look to STG to provide consistent, nationwide solutions under a single brand and technology platform.