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CFS Customer Web Portal Based on Industry Leading Technology

The STG Web portal incorporates current best practices and powered by our CMS 2.0 platform.

Recent improvements to the Web portal include:

  • Advanced Reports - The self-service portal allows you to schedule, manage and run on demand reports for any of our Ocean CFS facilities. STG customers will have ownership of their data for reports and analytics.
  • Event Notification - Configure and manage alert notifications for your cargo every step of the way
  • CUCC of IPI cargo from/to STG owned facilities
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Single point of sign on allowing you to view all of your cargo on a national or local level
  • Build load plans online for export cargo

Our portal functionality demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving quality of the services we provide. Contact us for any questions on Web portal functionality, or watch one of the informative tutorials below.

Put our Ocean CFS expertise in motion.

Customer Web Tutorials: