STGCares: Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

By STG Logistics

October 7, 2022

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STG team member Roland Echeverria unselfishly took the initiative to rally resources to provide necessities to families devastated by Hurricane Ian. Roland’s goal is to fill a 53’ container with those items most needed, including blankets, bottled water, hygiene kits, portable radios, and baby formula. STG is proud of Roland’s efforts and commits to ensuring the container is overflowing with products to help a community in need.

Please join us in making a difference:

See how #OurPeopleAreTheDifference in Roland's own words below:


Dear Dave,
How are you doing? It was a pleasure speaking with you, this morning. I want to begin by thanking you and the entire STG Team for helping with this drive to assist the families affected by Hurricane Ian in Florida’s West Coast.
As I mentioned, I was up in Ft. Myers on Sunday and what I saw was completely horrible, we have kids sleeping on Hot Floors, not much to eat or play with. There are parents who are in disbelief, wondering if they will eat the next day.
I reached out and spoke to the Lee County Mayor Kevin Anderson, who expressed the urgency of getting these families back in their homes (whomevers home is still standing) the site in ground zero is like a scene out of war movie.
My thoughts are to collect as much essentials as humanly possible and personally deliver them to these families. I have posted videos, on all my social media platforms. We have had an overwhelming amount, of calls, and messages. Unfortunately calls and messages are not going to feed these families.
Our original plan was to collect and fill up a 53’ dry van trailer, however it has proven to be a bit challenging to get people to cooperate and send an abundant amount of goods. I understand, not everyone has funds or the means to make huge donations, however like my dad use to say, drop by drop you can fill up a barrel. I truly believe this to be true.  
I spoke to various truckers, one carrier agreed to donate his truck and time at no cost to us and my wife and I have donated our entire proceeds from our last training session to buy food, clothing and other essentials for these families. I would truly appreciate if STG Logistics would be willing to be part of this great cause. These families need our help and as Americans, we all know that when times are tough, we can move mountains, so long as we all stick together and put in our time and efforts.
The collection will be on going and STG was graceful enough to lend us a space in the Medley warehouse (8503 NW 80th Street, Suite #101 Medley, FL 33166) to house the donations that are arriving till Next Saturday October 22nd.
The idea is to collect as much as we can from now till Friday, October 21st, load the truck that same day and head out to Ft. Myers on Saturday Oct 22th @ 8:00 a.m.
I have also opened an Amazon wish list for the people (s) who want to make a donation, but cannot come to drop off, cannot make it for whatever reason or because they are simply not in the same state. I opened this list in hopes to facilitate donations from other people around the country and even outside of the U.S. (Amazon Wish List line:
Our efforts were picked up and aired by an internet Podcast, and thus far, our ad has been aired everyday this week, Mike Essen producer of the podcast, is asking people to help our with our cause and donate whatever they can.
I would truly appreciate whatever STG and our team can do for this great cause and humanitarian help.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and cooperation in this time of need for our fellow Floridians.
Have a wonderful and blessed day.
Rolando (Roly) Echeverria

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