Why Choose STG

We’ve established LTL hubs in strategic markets to simplify the transportation of your freight. Additionally, our LTL pricing is highly competitive, providing efficient and reliable cost-effective solutions for shipping your cargo.

STG truck.

Our LTL Shipping Services

Regardless of your freight volume, frequency, or commodity type, we provide a variety of solutions for your LTL shipments.

  • We offer a wide rate of transit time options to meet your delivery requirements
  • Freight class expertise to provide accurate rates and handling requirements
  • Advanced technology that allows you to book your freight online via Quick Quote
  • Special handling including liftgate service, heavy or oversized items and hazardous materials handling
  • Real-time tracking to monitor your cargo’s location and estimated delivery time
STG containers.

We Meet Safety, Security & Productivity Demands

STG Logistics seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology tools and rigorous safety standards. This dynamic approach ensures a harmonious union between safety, security and productivity, which is why we’re a leader in the logistics industry.

Your Questions, Answered

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about our service and capabilities.

Freight class categorizes goods based on density and handling characteristics, affecting LTL shipping rates. Lower classes indicate denser, easier to handle goods, while higher freight classes represent less dense, more difficult to handle goods. Accurate classification ensures fair pricing and avoids billing disputes with carriers.

Yes, we can transport several hazardous materials. However, there are strict regulations and requirements for shipping hazardous materials, including proper labeling, packaging and documentation.

Documentation required for LTL shipping includes the Bill of Lading (BOL), packing list, shipping labels, customs documentation (if applicable), hazardous materials documentaion (if applicable), and any other relevant paperwork specified by the carrier or destination.

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