Our Technology Gives You a Powerful Edge in Logistics

STG has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. We believe that robust technology is of paramount importance for managing the many moving parts in logistics. To that end, we have aligned our technology with our customers’ requirement to improve visibility, minimize errors and reduce costs. Our next-generation CFS platform features industry-leading proprietary software that delivers end to end supply chain visibility and integration.

CFS Technology Platform features include:

  • API and web service integration
  • Flat file data interchange via FTP
  • Up-to-date freight tracking and real-time cargo status
  • Generation of customized reports, shipping documents and releases
  • Automatic billing and interface with customers’ financial systems
  • Turn times of containers and IPI cargo
  • AWS integration
  • Online PCI compliant ePay payment portal

In our CLS operations we utilize our licensed cutting edge WMS built for the complexity and unique demands of 3PL operations. We have a commitment to continuous improving and optimizing our WMS workflows to meet the increasing service demands of B2B and B2C customers. Our real-time WMS is RF enabled, paperless warehouse management system that is the foundation for our operational excellence, in the areas of inventory accuracy, receiving accuracy, put-away, picking, shipping, small parcel processing, audit, load accuracy, on-time pick-up, and on-time delivery. Its highly configurable functionality allows it to handle varied requirements and supports the most demanding distribution models.


The entire STG Logistics IT infrastructure is housed remotely in a secure geographically dispersed hosted datacenters and cloud based environments to maximize security, redundancy, and connectivity for our company and our customers.

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Our Technology Gives You a Powerful Edge in Logistics