Delivering solutions for postal, de minimis and general air cargo

Air cargo is changing and so must the companies who handle it. STG Logistics has invested in locations, relationships and personnel to help our customers meet the changing demands for air cargo shipments.

Whether recovery, breakdown and segregation of import cargo, screening and building export cargo or even providing schedule and ad hoc aircraft handling, STG Logistics is your air cargo solution.

STG supports today’s air cargo shippers and their freight forwarders. STG operates a number of TSA-regulated and bonded air cargo facilities throughout our network and provides canine screening and technology solutions for export cargo as required by law. These facilities are SAFETY Act designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and can handle high-value, hazardous and other specialty cargo.

Same Day Check-In and Availability for Import Air Cargo

Air cargo was traditionally B2B cargo, high value or urgently needed by the recipient. Over the past few years, we saw air cargo offer the critical lifeline for critically needed PPE, medicines and medical equipment. During times of high port congestion where goods were held up for weeks, badly needed replenishment or fulfillment was made by air cargo.

Today, air cargo is increasingly serving direct-to-consumer online marketplaces and brands assembling and fulfilling entire orders in overseas warehouses shipped directly to U.S. buyers utilizing the $800 de minimis threshold in the United States.

Private mail handlers and foreign postal authorities are returning to air cargo after the pandemic when the lack of planes pushed mail from its traditional air environment to sea.

STG Logistics’ air import services include same–day pickup of arriving cargo upon availability, priority breakdown and segregation, real-time visibility of clearance status and freight availability and specialized equipment such as roller beds and lowboy roller beds in select locations.

For customers needing delivery from our warehouses, STG Logistics offers multiple solutions including QuickQuote allowing for fast and easy quoting and load booking.
STG Logistics keeps your air shipments moving just as quickly on the ground.

Handling and screening in SAFETY Act certified facilities

Supporting US exports and transshipments is a key part of STG Logistics’ air cargo business. Exports are regulated by the government both in where they can be shipped and in what condition. Whether complying with export regulations, hazardous materials regulations or TSA mandated screening requirements, we are focused on helping customers succeed in moving their goods out of the country.

STG operates a number of TSA-regulated air cargo facilities in close proximity to key international airports including Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Miami. In these locations, we provide either or both canine and technology screening and resolution as required by law. These facilities are also SAFETY Act designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and can handle high-value, hazardous and other specialty cargo.

Whether shipper built or built by STG, we offer competitive handling, reasonable pre-departure lockouts and visibility into air export cargo from receipt through delivery to the airline or their designated handler.
STG Logistics builds, screens and delivers your air exports.

AOA Access A Unique Portland Offering

Airlines, charter operators and freight forwarders coordinating flights into and out of Portland International Airport (PDX) will find a ready partner in STG Logistics to provide on-airport aircraft handling.

The first question for a plane on the ground is usually, “When does it need to leave?” STG understands the competing concerns of cargo handling, crew hours, fueling and cleaning, take off and landing slots and whether or not specialized equipment is required to load or unload an aircraft.

STG Logistics has been on the apron at Portland since 2010. We understand the importance of staging, readiness and staffing a flight. Whether you’re an passenger airline looking to us to manage your flight experience or a charter operator in need of cargo-only services, contact to learn more about our capabilities.