Exclusive Access: The Three Keys to Preparing for LTL Peak Season 

January 31, 2024

Dear Business Partner,

The key for any logistics businesses, when faced with a tough market and influences outside of its control, is to ensure it excels when it comes to three areas: reliability, responsiveness and execution.


Ensuring reliability in the LTL market requires a top end Customer Service team, with employees who understand our business and are able to respond quickly to our clients’ issues and concerns.

From ETA’s or POD’s to service defects, our customers expect that we will have the answer. When you are in a down market, responsiveness is critical. Every shipment drives your brand.

This is probably the most important category of the three because it really is the culmination of your team’s performance. Every aspect of our business from pickup status, to final mile delivery (and every other metric in between) needs to be evaluated, reviewed, and have an actionable improvement plan. 

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