Time to Optimize: Flexible, Scalable, and Cost-Efficient Warehousing Solutions

June 14, 2023

When it comes to warehousing, efficiency and flexibility aren’t just wants—they’re needs. STG Logistics, your industry leader in logistic solutions, meets these demands head-on with our flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient warehousing solutions.

Transform Your Operations with STG Logistics’ Flexibility

Flexibility at STG Logistics isn’t just an industry buzzword (blockchain, anyone?), it serves as the foundation for our industry-leading warehousing solutions. We pride ourselves on providing managed and extended outsourced logistics services tailored to your specific business requirements, ranging from straightforward on-premises labor solutions to complex RFP’s that include site selection, build-out, and facility management and operation.

Understanding that businesses need adaptable, cost-effective Contract Logistics Services (CLS), it all starts with listening to our customers. We ask where their supply chains are today, where they want them to be in the future, and share STG’s capabilities to help deliver tailored solutions that both increase efficiency and lower costs. Whether requiring shared or contract warehousing, scalable labor to handle fluctuating seasonal volumes, or any of our wide array of additional services, STG develops and deploys fully customizable CLS, ready to accommodate your current needs and future growth.

Leverage the Strength of a Strong Warehouse Network

The nationwide warehousing footprint that STG Logistics maintains is a defining factor in our ability to deliver superior logistics solutions. This isn’t solely about being in every major seaport, inland rail depot, and other significant population centers, but also our unique “Port to Door” service that seamlessly connects ports, warehouses, and end-customers, optimizing supply chains like never before.

Encompassing an impressive array of over thirty-two warehouses, we cover the entirety of the United States. That count keeps rising, enhancing services for our clients, including top logistics companies and beneficial cargo owners in the US and worldwide.

STG Logistics’ warehouses operate under both a single technology platform and with unified safety, security and management processes, ensuring a consistent level of service across our buildings. No matter which of our warehouses handles your cargo, you experience the same level of efficiency and expertise. This standardized approach delivers a consistent customer experience which in turn reduces delays, and minimizes bottlenecks.

We perform various warehouse tasks ranging from pick and pack of single items to case-loads, kitting from on-hand inventory, and storage solutions that cater to short and medium-term needs. Our fulfillment services range from warehouse to front step, with the ability to deliver directly to consumers. In addition, we adeptly handle reverse logistics, processing, and reconditioning returns for resale or destruction. 

Address Warehousing Challenges with STG Logistics

As the nation’s largest provider of port to door services for cargo owners and logistics providers, STG Logistics can solve warehousing challenges that other companies with single-city, regional solutions, or who rely on a third-party network of locations cannot match. Our strategic approach combines the strength of our experienced, tenured operations and management personnel, inventory management technology, facility security and large numbers of facilities at major coastal and inland ports of entry. Each facility is designed to handle the type of cargo that the local market sees most frequently – whether it is sea freight, air freight, project, domestic cargo, or e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment.

Logistics companies and cargo owners’ core businesses are not the physical handling and distribution of cargo. And as such, the distractions of locating, negotiating, staffing and operating those facilities can be a drain on a company’s resources. With our year-round operation of these facilities and expertise in this process, STG Logistics offers a substantial advantage to those seeking warehouse space on a part-time basis. Our experienced team excels in negotiating leases, designing buildings, and optimizing costs to operate efficiently.

Warehouse and inventory management can be daunting and costly. But with a partner like STG Logistics, you have an advantage. Our scale, negotiating process, and expertise help businesses cut their overall transportation spend and bring more value to their bottom lines. Let us confront your warehousing challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth and efficiency.