Integrating Progress and Growth at the 2023 IANA EXPO

September 6, 2023

At STG Logistics, we mark the dates of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) EXPO on our calendars with a certain sense of anticipation. The event, known as the pinnacle gathering for the intermodal logistics industry, is a hotbed of new insights, cutting-edge technologies, and effective best practices.

The conference, taking place in Long Beach, California, from September 11-13, promises to be an immersive experience that underscores the industry’s dynamic nature. With a central focus on the growth and evolution of intermodal transportation, the event aligns perfectly with our mission at STG Logistics, to lead the industry and constantly push for improvement.

This year’s conference is particularly significant for us. It marks our second year of attendance, coming hot on the heels of our intermodal division’s first-year anniversary. We’ve seen considerable growth over this period, and our presence at the conference is an affirmation of our dedication to staying ahead of industry developments.

As proud sponsors of this year’s event, we are excited to share our progress and engage with other industry leaders. We aim to learn, share, and inspire, ensuring we remain informed and competitive in our rapidly evolving industry.

At the conference, we’ll share the advancements we’ve made over the past year, detailing how these educational developments are shaping our port to door services. We’re also excited to participate in various sessions on topics such as terminal design, transloading, driver productivity, and more. These sessions promise to enrich our knowledge and shape our strategies.

Networking is another key feature of the conference. The event offers opportunities to connect with industry peers and potential partners, fostering collaborations that drive innovation and progress. We eagerly anticipate the fruitful discussions that these interactions will bring.

In addition to intense professional discussions, the conference also hosts a variety of social events, giving us a chance to connect with our colleagues on a personal level. It’s these connections that strengthen our industry’s community spirit.

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Join us at the 2023 IANA EXPO as we embark on this journey of shared knowledge and growth.