Optimize Through Transload: STG Has You Covered

December 15, 2022
Warehouse Employee stacking parcels on a pallet for Transload.

From Port to Door – STG’s Comprehensive Transloading Solution

The shifting landscape of supply chains – both for business demands and fickle consumer buying patterns – requires cargo owners to evaluate and embrace more flexible solutions. Diversifying manufacturing countries and order quantities means final deliveries may need to consist of mixed loads of goods. Containers booked intact to inland destinations served by service-challenged Class I railroads risk late and incomplete deliveries which are met with penalties and invoice deductions from retailers.

Transloading solves these problems. The right transload partner knows that the service runs deeper than emptying containers filling trailers. It requires technology, visibility, skill and price competitiveness. STG Logistics is your trusted 3PL partner; leading the industry in true port-to-door transload services across the United States.

It starts with a plan/visibility

A transloading plan begins well before the container is at our door. A week or more out, data about the contents of the container including arrival date and time, PO numbers, SKU’s, quantities and marks and numbers begin to arrive and populate our system. Along with the information about the contents are instructions on what must happen to the cargo. How should it be built? Does it need to be combined with other shipments? Does it need to be held short or medium term because a delivery window is not yet open?

A robust network of systems sets the stage for what will come next – the physical handling of the cargo.

Our container handling experience is unparalleled

As the largest provider of managed outsource services in the country, STG’s full time business is staffing and operating warehouses. We constantly manage our labor pool, adjusting staffing levels to match the work that needs to be done.

At our major Asian and European gateways in California and New York, three shifts operate around the clock, including the overnight team which receives and breaks down import containers, making the cargo available in the morning. 

Led by long-tenured teams of managers, supervisors and office personnel, STG understands how to efficiently, accurately and affordably unload and prepare cargo for the next leg of its journey. 

First mile. Last mile. One company.

STG Logistics earlier this year acquired the intermodal division of an industry peer who was refocusing on their core businesses. This immediately added hundreds of talented people with deep intermodal experience and a network of thousands of units of power distributed nationwide.

Coupled with our own fleet of 53′ domestic intermodal trailers, STG has a ready supply of equipment at our disposal.  By using our own STG Intermodal boxes, we provide customers with comprehensive combined rail/motor or all-road options and offer complete visibility and bundled pricing for the entirety of a company’s domestic supply chain.

STG should be your trusted transloading partner

STG operates industry-leading WMS and TMS platforms that seamlessly integrate with the systems that cargo owners use to manage their purchase orders, inventory and sales. Beginning with order placement and through to breakdown, segregation, load planning and final mile, there is no company which matches our footprint for number of locations, equipment, units of power and final mile reach.

If you would like to hear more about what we have done regionally and nationally for name-brand companies with diversified, omnichannel supply chains requiring scalable, nimble solutions, contact Dave Sosnowski and we can get your cargo moving with ease.