Service Consolidation Emerges as a Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Trend in 2024

February 23, 2024

By Troy Tibbetts, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

This weekend, thousands of supply chain and logistics thought leaders and executives will convene at the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA) annual conference. Conversations will range from how to tackle labor shortages to strategic optimization for the retail industry, and there will also be plenty of discussion around emerging trends in our industry. While areas like ESG and artificial intelligence are certainly taking off, one of the biggest trends I see happening is more organizations consolidating services with providers who provide scaled and integrated solution capabilities in what has historically been a highly fragmented industry.

At STG Logistics, we provide a full suite of complementary port to door services, including nationwide drayage, over the road and intermodal capabilities CFS and Transloading. We are one of only five asset-owning intermodal providers in the country, and we run approximately 3,000 drayage trucks, which means our network of terminals is unmatched. If a customer’s cargo is rerouted – for whatever reason – we have the expansiveness and flexibility to adjust and ensure the cargo still reaches its destination on time.

We can provide this kind of service and support for our clients because, as an organization, we have remained focused on developing into the most dependable, competitive logistics provider possible – one with a history rooted in CFS and Transloading operations and a future focused on commitment to customized solutions for each and every customer. Through a strategic series of acquisitions, we’ve strengthened all of our port-to-door services while remaining highly competitive in each of our individual service lines.

Now, other logistics companies are realizing the benefit of consolidating services and moving in the same direction. It’s perhaps the biggest trend in our industry for 2024. At STG, we are always identifying ways to further integrate our business, asking ourselves how we can lean into the right technologies, attract and retain the best talent, and remove friction from the processes. We are constantly accessing where we are spending our time, energy and effort to deliver maximum sustained value to our customers.

I predict one of the biggest trends in 2024 will be logistical and supply chain organizations finding ways to consolidate their services under one roof and working to bring more services to their customers – a space in which STG is proud to lead.

I am looking forward to engaging in these and other productive conversations, with colleagues, customers, and friends, over the course of the coming weeks. At STG, our evolution has energized and, in many cases, transformed so much of our mindset, including how we interact with our customers. I am excited to share where we are now, and our vision for the future.