STG Makes Strategic Over-The-Road Acquisition – BEST DEDICATED SOLUTIONS

June 1, 2023
Motor Carrier Success Capture - STG Truck and intermodal container in front of Warehouse.

We’re thrilled to announce that STG Logistics has expanded its operational capabilities through the acquisition of Best Dedicated Solutions (BDS), a leader in over-the-road transportation services. With an extensive array of offerings, including expedited delivery, drop trailer networks, dry van, temperature control, and flatbed services, BDS has solidified a commanding position in the sector.

BDS brings to the table dedicated account management, single point of contact, and project management. Their impressive 24/7 tracking and issue resolution, EDI and API capabilities, and GPS tracking stand testament to their operational excellence. The integration of these services further propels STG’s industry-leading port-to-door solutions.

When it comes to pricing, BDS’s expertise in RFP execution, contracted rates, same-day rates, and special pricing for projects ensures a cost-effective approach for our clients. This acquisition empowers STG Logistics to offer more competitive and diverse pricing structures, enhancing our value proposition.

With Best Dedicated Solutions’ rigorous carrier screening, an expansive network of 25,000 carriers, exclusive access to a private fleet, a national drop trailer program, and surge capacity, we’re set to redefine logistics solutions. BDS’s strengths in route engineering and management augment our operational capabilities and enhance our seamless logistics strategies.

As an STG partner, your business continuity is our top priority. This exciting acquisition only broadens our capacities and strengthens our commitment to delivering top-tier, tailored logistics solutions.

Together, we are creating an ecosystem of unparalleled capacity and efficiency. Our shared optimism about our future, bolstered by the added resources through BDS, sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

For any further questions or details, don’t hesitate to contact your regular STG representative.