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Streamline your cross-border shipping and trust our 15,000 container fleet operating across Mexico and Canada, customs expertise and longstanding relationships. We know what it takes to plan for the different nuances at various North American container gateways.

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Our Cross-Border Rail Shipping Capabilities

STG has an established footprint and rail product capable of cross-border operations supporting all industry segments, connecting across four major entry points in the United States.

  • Streamline cross-border shipping complexities through versatile multimodal solutions, featuring comprehensive cross-dock and direct capacity options
  • Opt for simplicity and efficiency by selecting a single provider with a flexible yet reliable carrier network spanning North America
  • Experience a hassle-free cross-border logistics process with a provider that excels in removing complexities and enhancing efficiency

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We always prioritize safety, inclusion, operational excellence, environmental impact and overall governance through clearly defined policies and goals.

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Our integrated service capability and proprietary technology create leveraged solutions and streamlined processes, delivering the most value to you.

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Through STG’s scale and network, integrated technology and ownership of our port-to-door services we can move your goods reliably via a customized solution suited to your needs.

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Your Questions, Answered

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about our service and capabilities.

Generally, at the Mexico border, two days are considered for the crossing. However, the time that cargo takes to clear customs and cross the border can depend on many factors—the lack of required documentation or the delivery of documentation with errors can delay the border-crossing process.

This means that during the border-crossing process, the drayage company will take the trailer across the border to a transload facility, where the load is going to be transferred from the Mexican trailer to a US trailer. The US trailer will complete the transportation of the goods until the final destination. STG is equipped to handle the entire process.

The vast majority of LTL freight and truckload shipments to Canada clear at the border under a process referred to as the Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS). PARS allows the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to review in advance of the freight’s arrival. The PARS process speeds up customs clearance and alleviates congestion at the border.

Yes. Even though the shipment information has been sent via PARS and accepted by CBSA, Canada customs agents have the right to inspect a shipment.

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