Why Choose STG

With our extensive network, we can transport your LTL shipments from any point in North America. Our LTL service is a great match for shippers and customers with non-time-sensitive shipments at a competitive price.

STG truck.

Our Deferred LTL Capabilities

Our breadth of services and national network allows us to build warehousing solutions optimized for distribution cost, delivery time, and inventory availability. We create maximum flexibility within a trusted and tested framework.

  • Cost savings of up to 30% while accessing one of the nation’s largest intermodal networks
  • API and EDI capabilities to connect your platforms and offer you the most up-to-date pricing in real-time
  • Access to online tools including density and transit time calculators
  • Extended transit duration by 2-3 days compared to a standard transit
  • Volume pricing for 7-12 pallet spots
Two warehouse workers.

We Meet Safety, Security & Productivity Demands

STG Logistics seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology tools and rigorous safety standards. This dynamic approach ensures a harmonious union between safety, security and productivity, which is why we’re a leader in the logistics industry.

Your Questions, Answered

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about our service and capabilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of deferred LTL services tailored to meet varying shipment needs. Ensuring cost-effective solutions for businesses with less time-sensitive shipments is our mission.

Our pricing structure for deferred LTL shipments is based on class and discount.

We use advanced tracking and tracing technology to provide real-time visibility for LTL shipments. You can easily monitor the status of shipments through our online platform, and we also offer integration options with existing systems for seamless communication. Our proactive notification system ensures that clients are promptly informed of any delays or issues throughout the shipping process.

Secure Your Deferred LTL Service