Why Choose STG for Intra-Mexico Intermodal?

STG Logistics provides comprehensive Intra-Mexico intermodal service. In addition to our 53’ container capacity, we provide our own fleet of chassis located across the borders to perform on wheels cross-border service. Our centralized operation based in Queretaro, is ready to help support your intermodal needs throughout Mexico.

Our Intra-Mexico Intermodal Capabilities

Intra-Mexico - Intermodal map.
  • Operating a fleet of 15,000 containers across North America, including over 400 in Mexico
  • Access to 3,600 owned chassis, with the flexibility for rapid fleet expansion and utilization of the Ferromex fleet in Mexico
  • Intermodal service on the Interpacifico corridor, Chihuahua and Southeast service
  • Bilingual STG personnel at key rail ramps to facilitate seamless freight movement
  • Our proprietary operating system is fully adapted to operate in the Mexican market.
  • Controlled capacity that efficiently adapts to fluctuations in customer supply chains, addressing demand seasonality.
  • Door-to-door intermodal solutions with container arrival at Mexican ramps, customs clearance performed locally, and drayage to the final Mexican destination.
  • Lower susceptibility to cargo theft compared to truck transportation in Mexico, and high-value goods can be secured in the bottom well of railcars.
  • A local sales team dedicated to Intra-Mexico business development
Two warehouse workers.

We Meet Safety, Security & Productivity Demands

STG Logistics seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology tools and rigorous safety standards. This dynamic approach ensures a harmonious union between safety, security and productivity, which is why we’re a leader in the logistics industry.

Your Questions, Answered

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about our Intra-Mexico Intermodal service and capabilities.

Our controlled capacity and extensive rail network, along with bilingual personnel at key ramps, ensure the secure and efficient movement of freight within Mexico.

Yes, our controlled capacity is designed to adapt efficiently to fluctuations in customer supply chains, addressing demand seasonality effectively.

Our established footprint, experienced teams on both sides of the border, and strong partnership with Ferromex (FXE) and CPKC set us apart in delivering reliable and efficient Intra-Mexico intermodal services.

Secure Your Intra-Mexico Intermodal Solution