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STG Means Safety

Our Safety Philosophy

STG Logistics is unwavering in our commitment to ensuring safe and compliant operations across our over 32 facilities and extensive fleet of over 2,600 independent contractor drivers. Our well-structured, multi-layered approach to safety guarantees peace of mind for our clients and the well-being of our team.

Our Terminal Safety Security Environmental (TSSE) programs are integral to our operations, overseen by dedicated safety professionals at corporate, regional, and site levels. Continuous monitoring and performance assessments ensure our drivers maintain the highest standards of safety on the road.

Active Participation

We value active participation in safety advocacy, demonstrated by our role as an engaged motor carrier participant in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). We believe in shared responsibility and collaboration to advance safety standards industry-wide.

Compliance with Standards

At STG Logistics, we maintain strict adherence to all State & Federal requirements regarding licensing, permits, and insurance obligations, ensuring we uphold the trust our clients place in us. We are also proud to be 100% ELD compliant, exemplifying our dedication to regulatory standards.

Inspection and Maintenance

We implement stringent inspection procedures, with each tractor and container undergoing a 38-point inspection at the entrance and exit of our facilities. Inspections are conducted at qualified sites, and any roadside inspection violations are addressed promptly, ensuring our fleet remains in optimal condition.

STG Truck

Safe Driving Principles

Our commitment to safety extends to our contracted fleet, where we continually emphasize safe driving principles. We maintain constant communication about the secure delivery of our customers’ cargo, ensuring the safety of goods in transit.

Safety Meetings and Communication

At STG Logistics, we foster a culture of safety through regular communication and feedback. Our monthly terminal safety meetings at all facilities and weekly national safety conference calls keep safety at the forefront of our operations. These platforms allow us to discuss safety trends and emphasize points of safety, fostering a collaborative environment that continuously strives for safety improvement.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program Strategy

STG Logistics’ Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Strategy is people-centered and designed to prevent incidents concerning people, products, processes, or property. The strategy is keenly focused on regulated areas such as Health, Safety, Fleet/Road Transport, Hazmat, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Our corporate safety department provides regulatory compliance guidance to all STG Logistics business units to uphold industry standards and enforce jurisdictional codes.

Logistics Workers

Scope and Definition

Our comprehensive safety program extends to all facilities owned and/or operated by STG Logistics. We employ several key training programs, such as Train the Trainer (TTT), Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) training, and Basic Safety Training (BST), to ensure all workers are adequately prepared and aware of safety practices.

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