Flexible, Scalable, and Cost-Efficient Warehousing Solutions 

Major retailers don’t want floor-loaded cargo and cargo owners often must combine and deliver mixed loads from multiple countries and vendors. To do this, cargo has to be aggregated, staged, combined and shipped around the country both complete and on time.

Nationwide, STG operates more than 70 facilities where import air and ocean cargo can be received, segregated, repalletized and shipped throughout the United States. STG has the ability to receive and hold shipments and ship at proscribed intervals or on demand.

Animated transloading services graphic.

STG Logistics acts as a full-service, single point of contact for transloading services including:

  • Straight transload of ocean imports cargo to avoid delays in port
  • Reconsolidation transload of cargo by case count, item, style or color to one or more domestic trailers
  • Efficient transloading of export cargo to designated ocean containers
  • Highly reliable forwarding, brokering and trucking services and the largest network of US customs bonded and non-bonded warehouses
  • Flexible shipment integration of any type for FTL, LTL, IPI and other modes to save costs
  • One invoice for all transloading services

STG provides highly efficient transloading services, while avoiding delays and incremental costs.