To or From Every US Seaport and Inland Rail Ramp

The first step in our Port to Door service, the movement of a unit from the first point a shipper can take possession at the port or elsewhere is the most critical. The dray takes the cargo to be transloaded, staged for the next step in its journey or goes straight to the final recipient.

STG Logistics offers company-owned and contracted trucking across the U.S., delivering intermodal, domestic and containerized cargo. Whether you’re starting or finishing at a seaport or railroad, STG Logistics, through our STG Express and STG Drayage brands, offers thousands of units of power when and where service is needed.

Why Choose STG?

Over 15k Domestic Containers

We offer you one of the largest and most accessible intermodal networks in North America: STG controls over 15,000 53′ domestic containers for the exclusive use of our customers.

Extensive Network

Your long-haul freight will move over one of the largest North American intermodal networks with long-standing relationships with all class 1 railroads, and one of the only providers that utilizes both the Union Pacific rail system in the west and CSX rail system in the east.

Efficient Freight

We’ll look at your shipping patterns and create the most efficient plan for your freight, making adjustments as needed to give you the best possible results.

STG Logistics Center

Large Drayage Capacity

Our leading U.S. drayage capacity of approximately 2,600 contracted independent owner-operators and network have access to an additional 25,000 drayage trucks as well as our long standing steamship line relationships. The extent of our drayage capacity, together with our dispatch and tracking technology, is a valuable lever for on-time performance in the challenging environments of rail ramps and ports.