A Six Billion Dollar Holiday: How St. Patrick’s Day Relies on Successful Logistics and Supply Chain Coordination

April 4, 2024

Last year, Americans spent an average of $44 a person celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, equalling nearly $6 billion total for the day. From cabbage and corned beef to pints of Guinness and piles of green t-shirts, St. Patrick’s Day ranks as America’s eighth highest in spending among the country’s major holidays. Behind this mass of green, careful coordination between supply chain and logistics organizations ensures that the celebratory goods arrive early and move off shelves by March 17th.

So, what does it take for Americans to properly prepare for this mid-March celebration?

● 13 million pints of Guinness will be shipped to bars across the country, or the equivalent of 3 completely full 40 foot shipping containers of Guinness.

● The week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day will see a 70 percent increase in cabbage deliveries to restaurants and grocery stores. One 40 foot shipping container can hold 9,790 average-size cabbages.

● 162 million American consumers will wear at least one holiday-themed piece of merchandise – requiring a minimum of 4 40 foot shipping containers to deliver the goods across the country.

● 40,000 pounds of corned beef will be delivered during the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day – approximately one full 40 foot shipping container’s worth.

Whether it’s shopping for a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirt or stocking up on extra ale, the traditional foods and goods that define this holiday arrive in stores thanks to successful logistics management. Trucks, trains, ships and planes all play a vital role in the supply chain, supporting the delivery of retail and food products to their final destination before they reach the consumer.

As a fast-growing $2 billion company offering nationwide drayage, over the road and intermodal capabilities, and access at every major port of entry in the US, STG Logistics doesn’t rely on the luck of the Irish to ensure our customers’ success (although it doesn’t hurt!). We adapt to the ever-changing, often complex landscape of supply chain and logistics, and take the success of our customers as seriously as we take our own. And as an organization that owns all of our assets, we can ensure all the food and goods related to St. Patrick’s Day arrive with more than enough time for proper celebration.