Get your cargo anywhere in the US from Port Everglades with STG Logistics

May 24, 2023
Everglades Skyline

Welcome to Port Everglades: A Gateway to Logistics Success

Port Everglades (PEV) is your gateway to logistics success in South Florida. As part of our continuous expansion, STG Logistics is excited to announce the opening of our new CFS location within the PEV complex. Situated just 28 miles north of Miami, PEV offers exceptional advantages for shippers seeking seamless and efficient supply chain solutions.

Advantages of Port Everglades

At STG Logistics, we believe in harnessing the natural advantages of Port Everglades (PEV) and taking them to the next level. With our innovative approach and the #STGDifference, we enhance the inherent benefits of PEV to revolutionize your supply chain. Explore the advantages that await you:

The Power of STG Logistics: Your Trusted Logistics Partner

At our PEV facility, we can offer you enhanced logistics capabilities, enabling seamless shipping across the United States and worldwide via truck and rail. Benefit from our expertise and extensive network as we navigate the logistics landscape together.

“As a neutral party, we remain a bridge between private enterprise, the FDA, and the Port Authority. Our exclusive tie-in with STG’s systems and technology ensures optimal efficiency and service for our customers.”

– Jimmy Teachmen VP of Operations

Set Sail for Success with Port Everglades and STG Logistics

Port Everglades offers a world of opportunities for shippers looking to optimize their logistics operations. The combination of PEV’s strategic advantages and STG Logistics’ expertise creates a winning formula for logistics success. Join us in harnessing the power of PEV and experiencing the STG Difference, today.