Four Fun Facts from STG Logistics for the Fourth of July

July 3, 2024

As July is upon us, Americans look forward to the lively celebrations of the Fourth of July. This cherished holiday not only celebrates the independence of the nation but also establishes the structure for one of the busiest periods in logistics and transportation. From coast to coast, the logistics industry prepares to support an immense rush of travelers, with an average of 71 million traveling for the holiday. Additionally, the transportation of millions of food items to supply a Fourth of July barbeque and the distribution of billions spent on fireworks and festivities.

As the nation celebrates another Fourth of July with its beloved traditions of travel, food, and fireworks, logistics companies like STG play a vital role in ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our asset-based transportation solutions can help you prepare for this holiday by guaranteeing your goods are delivered from port-to-door.

From planning efficient transportation routes to managing the delivery of goods, the logistics industry keeps the spirit of independence alive and well. As we reflect on the significance of these celebrations, let us recognize and appreciate the dedication of the logistics professionals who help make every Fourth of July memorable.