The Logistics of Black Friday in a Post Pandemic World

November 25, 2022
Black Friday Social Image

Supply chain management strategy is shifting. A new demographic of consumers came of age during the pandemic, and they’re more digitally focused, but they’re also more aware of where their goods come from, how they’re produced, and the impact the goods they purchase have on their environment, both from a green perspective and a social one. This has had a big impact on demand patterns, and analysts aren’t yet able to forecast with any reliability what that demand will look like at any given time. 

Given that these consumers are more digitally focused, coupled with how the pandemic accelerated the growth of e-Commerce, we’ve seen a boom that analysts have said is approximately four to six years ahead of schedule. 

The 2022 Last Mile Holiday Perspective reported that, “six in ten logistics pros are worried about inventory shortages and 82% are concerned that they will miss their delivery windows this year, as many did last year following supply chain bottlenecks. An overwhelming 93% expect operating costs, including fuel, to be higher this year. This has contributed to shifting strategy from a just-in-time approach, meaning that goods arrive just in time, to a just-in-case strategy, which means keeping more inventory on hand. With this move, consumers are more likely to have immediate access and availability of the goods they want and need.

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