Why Choose STG

STG offers shippers the opportunity to purchase a first-party policy protecting a shipment for up to its stated value and responds regardless of a shipper’s ability to prove carrier negligence.

STG logistics truck.

STG Shield Benefits

Shield can quickly and easily be applied to a shipment online when paying handling charges to release a shipment.

  • Actual protection from risk of your freight
  • Hassle-free claims experience
  • Peace of mind
  • Affordable coverage
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We Meet Safety, Security & Productivity Demands

STG Logistics seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology tools and rigorous safety standards. This dynamic approach ensures a harmonious union between safety, security and productivity, which is why we’re a leader in the logistics industry.

Your Questions, Answered

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about STG shield.

The basic Shield policy is zero deductible and starts at $10,000. Coverage can be purchased up to the declared value of the shipment and is often less expensive than seeking extra value from your carrier.

Our claims teams work directly with adjusters to quickly settle claims in thirty days or less from notice of the claim.

STG Shield coverage is only valid from an STG location to the named location on the final destination bill of lading or delivery order. STG Shield can be purchased for IPI shipments, but coverage is limited to the transit between STG and the named IPI destination. Additional coverage can be purchased for the final delivery.

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