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Value Added

Boost Productivity and Drive Efficiency 

Savings aren’t only derived from demanding the lowest costs from every part of the supply chain. Innovation, inventiveness, data analytics and engineering and optimizing processes will bring greater savings than negotiating price cuts from vendors.

STG Logistics’ deep expertise in the handling of freight, the volume of data that we maintain and our buying power in transportation, supplies and real estate give us an advantage few companies can match.

Boxes on a pallet.

We work with logistics and purchasing managers to engineer packaging solutions that optimize weight and cube for shipments inside containers and trailers. We analyze shipping patterns to make recommendations on best places to locate inventory. Brands requiring custom shipping portals or data integration with their ERP systems have a ready partner in STG capable of exchanging data through multiple means.

All of this is backed up by world-class technology and a best-in-class workforce and we say it everywhere, Our People Are The Difference.

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