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STG Logistics is a leading provider of intermodal solutions for cargo owners and logistics companies. Our network of warehouses at US ports of entry and key inland rail depots receive and transload imported cargo to domestic 53’ trailers for shipment either over the road or via Class I railroads.

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Domestic Rail Service

Pay for a single driver or a team or put it on the rail with thousands of other boxes? Rail is not only more cost effective than trucking for most long-haul freight–it’s also less prone to regulatory delays. STG offers one of the largest and most accessible intermodal networks in North America. With our own fleet and competitive volume contracts with Class I railroads, we can move our boxes anywhere on the continent.

Large Drayage Capacity

STG Drayage offers some of the nation’s largest fleets. With approximately 2,600 contracted independent owner-operators and an additional 25,000 strong fleet in our network, STG moves containers from ports and railroads on behalf of steamship lines, cargo owners and freight forwarders alike.

STG EDGE for Intermodal

Our STG EDGE platform delivers real-time tracking updates, robust analytics and unmatched access to data that delivers results. Rail Optimizer 2.0 gives you a suite of proprietary tools for seamless, door-to-door movement. EDI integration secures capacity and facilitates constant communication with the railroads and dray providers to proactively alert you about any unforeseen delays.

Value-Added Services

The US Mexico Canada (USMCA) Free Trade Agreement means finished goods and components for manufacturing move across national borders day and night. Utilizing our longstanding relationships to the north and south, STG Logistics can provide trucking or drayage services into and out of Canada and Mexico.
Particularly for the Mexican market, we provide private and dedicated international chassis solutions, secure container yard storage and equipment management services.

STG Intermodal SPOT Hot Lane Rates

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