Intermodal Transportation, Made Easy

July 12, 2023
Intermodal Transportation Expertise. Overlooking Intermodal Stock Yard

Understanding Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation involves multiple modes from beginning to end. Utilizing intermodal as one component of an overall supply chain strategy is vital for cargo owners, and selecting a company who seamlessly blends the warehouse, drayage and rail pieces into a single shipment from port to door is where STG Logistics comes in.

Our Experience and People: The STG Difference

At STG Logistics, our strength lies in our experience and our people. We have more than thirty years of knowledge and experience offering intermodal transportation. We understand the industry’s ins and outs, allowing us to ensure your goods reach their destination on time and within budget.

Our team of professionals is our biggest asset. Because of the multiple touch points and legs of a typical intermodal shipment, we have both the experience – and the data – to know what routes and service providers are the best fit for each customer. Our team’s combined knowledge and commitment to service make us a leading intermodal service provider.

Strong Relationships: The Backbone of Our Operations

What truly sets STG Logistics apart from others are our long-tenured and enduring relationships. Our network includes rail providers, trucking companies, and many other key stakeholders in the industry. This extensive network allows us to deliver a wide array of services.

Our standing and reputation with the Union Pacific Railroad, for instance, provides us access to one of the most extensive and efficient Class I rail networks in North America. At a time when service reliability is a differentiator, the UP is a significant contributor to the success of our customers’ on-time KPIs.

We also maintain robust relationships with trucking companies across North America. These collaborations ensure swift movement of goods on the first and final mile from ports to warehouses to railroads and to the final receiver, crucial to guaranteeing on-time delivery in excellent condition.

Committed to Improvement and Innovation

At STG Logistics, our job doesn’t stop with providing excellent service. We utilize the latest technology to monitor and track shipments. We measure and analyze time in transit data to learn and proactively select the most efficient routes and methods. From rail and truck transportation to managing cross-border logistics, our wide range of services caters to various needs.

Our experienced customer service teams and dispatchers working together, strengthened and supported by our technology can create tailored solutions that fit your specific needs.

Contact us today to find out more about how STG Logistics can help with your intermodal transportation needs. Join us and experience the #STGDifference!