Finding Balance through the Turbulence: STG Logistics' Adaptive Response to LTL Trucking

August 29, 2023
Paul Svindland on CNBC

Recent shifts in the logistics landscape have left many grappling with unprecedented challenges. One such development causing ripples in our industry is the noticeable spike in Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) trucking rates, a direct fallout from the bankruptcy of Yellow Transportation, a significant pillar in the LTL sector.

LTL trucking, a service mode where multiple shippers’ goods are consolidated into shared trailers, stands as a more economical transportation method compared to commissioning an entire truckload for one shipper. Yellow Transportation’s unexpected departure from this space has ushered in a palpable void in LTL capacity. Other carriers, in their quest to meet the prevailing demand, are inadvertently elevating the rates.

This challenge is compounded by several factors:

Businesses anchored in LTL shipping are living a reality of spiraling costs and squeezed margins. Given the backdrop of Yellow Transportation’s bankruptcy, this landscape seems set to be our reality for some time, prompting innovative measures from industry stalwarts.

In the midst of this our very own CEO, Paul Svindland, shared valuable insights on a recent CNBC video. He shared that this confluence of factors has brewed a “perfect storm” in the logistics space, propelling the rates upwards.

However, adversity often paves the path for resilience and innovation. At STG Logistics, that’s precisely what’s happening. Our team, from the dedicated ground-level workforce to the visionary leaders, forms our backbone in these testing times. Such moments truly test a logistics company’s capabilities, and STG stands tall, showcasing our dedication to our partners and customers.

We continue boosting our capacity, pouring investments into the latest technological advancements, and maintaining open channels of communication with our customers. By engaging in collaborative discussions, we’re striving to conceive and execute strategies that alleviate the burden of shipping costs in this demanding period.

Paul’s insights offer not just a perspective but a roadmap. And, speaking of roadmaps, Paul will be attending and actively participating in the upcoming Inland Distribution Conference this September. It promises to be an enlightening event where industry leaders gather to discuss, deliberate, and devise strategies for the future. We’re excited about the prospects and the collaborative spirit that such platforms offer and we’re ready to assist businesses and partners in steering through these challenging waters with confidence.