STG and Freight Force Line Haul Service Launch: 01/08/24

January 10, 2024
STG truck.

Building on the first and final mile services that have established Freight Force as a gold standard operator, STG and Freight Force: an STG Company are rolling out a National Line Haul program, starting today 01/08/24.

Phase one of the Line Haul service, launching will focus on ten lanes involving four of our Approved Motor Carrier markets in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles, and the plan to have 30 lanes covered by the end of Q1.

“We’re incredibly excited about offering this new service,” said Geoff Anderman, president and chief operating officer of STG. “Given STG and Freight Force’s position and reputation as a neutral provider, customers have been asking for us to launch a linehaul service for quite some time. Our reliability for the first and final mile is proven and adding the linehaul component gives our customers the opportunity for a complete door-to-door service with the completely neutral provider they desire. Both STG and Freight Force have long-tenured expertise in servicing these freight forwarders, 3PLs,  and other logistics intermediary customers and this new service represents a natural extension of our existing capabilities and service.”

Freight Force operates a network of independently owned and dedicated motor carriers that deliver in compliance with surface, air and TSA requirements. The new Linehaul service complements a wide offering of other services, including air freight cartage, retail distribution and white glove service.

“We have the strongest carrier network in the industry, which allows our customers to use Freight Force not just in one location. It is a seamless and one-stop shop for the first and final mile. We have handled our customers’ business for over 40 years and have earned their trust as the gold standard in the industry.” said Sue Beattie, Freight Force CEO.

Ranging from small truckloads to full truckloads, this new service offers competitive rates, pickup and delivery as well as accurate and timely shipment information on a local level instead of a nationwide call center environment.

About Freight Force:

Entering our 41st year of operation Freight Force provides a neutral network of approved motor carriers in convenient airport locations across the country. In addition to pick up delivery and middle mile services, full back-office support including nationwide sales and marketing, billing, collections, data warehousing and software maintenance.

Freight Force provides a single contact for all billing and collections and coordinates with our approved motor carriers to address customer needs and assist on special projects.